There Are Five Stages of Love But Most Couples Get Stuck At The Third

“Well, it turns out that we weren’t meant to be together.”

This is a phrase we are used to of hearing, especially from those who have just gone through a breakup. In many cases, we have even said it to ourselves – just to motivate ourselves.

All of this comes despite the fact that everyone around you thought that you were the perfect couple.

According to Jed Diamond, a famous psychologist has concluded that majority of the people do find their one true love – this was completed after 40 years of clinical research!

But the concern is that they can’t keep it together throughout all the stages, and many of them get stuck on stage 3.


Ah, that feeling though!

The time we fall in love, we have the skies and the earth to ourselves. This is the time when your mind and your heart refuses to move beyond loving the other. You do not care about the flaws and your ability to think practically, becomes critically damaged.

You believe in your partner, you have high hopes for the future, and you’ve already dreamed of having children together. You think your partner will always be there to fulfill every wish and need of yours. You are blinded by their words, and you trust a little too much.


This is the stage when you love merely becomes stronger. You’ve had a succession of dates, your first kisses, the first stay-over and deep conversations. Soon, the couple begins to impact each other’s lives. This is when you unify and enjoy your time together.

When with them, you feel protected, you feel like you belong and you feel like this is it. You’ve found the one.


We like to call stage 3, ‘The Roadblock.’

This is when you begin to realize that all the dreams you had about life with your partner are not correctly turning out to be true. In some areas, your partner is not exactly how you expected or wanted them to be. They are now predictable, and their behavior has changed.

Compared to the previous stages, they now also express anger, and you begin to feel that you need a break from the entire thing because you are exhausted.

And then, you start to think that there is no need to torture yourself and you’re out of steam.


If you’ve reached Stage 4, you should know that this is now it. You will always be with your partner.

You close your eyes and begin to realize that all humans have two sides, the good and the bad. This is where you come to accept your partner and learn to deal with their behavior. At the same time, you even begin to mature and understand that relationships are not just about taking.

Once you come to terms with yourself and your relationship, you move on with your partner to the final stage.


Now that the disagreements are behind you, you found a deep and a secure connection. You will soon reach a better conclusion: the two of you have the power to rule the world. 

It is now a complete book, you will write together. It could be anything you like now. Now you function together, and you know your partner inside out.


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