10 Different Hugs That Say A Lot About Your Relationship

6. The Deadlock

The deadlock is a body-crushing hug when two people hold each other very close and tightly. It almost indicates a fear of letting each other go and can be suffocating. This hug demonstrates deep commitment and not wanting to be apart from one another. If you and your partner use the deadlock, then it means you don’t want each other to go away, in fear that once you release each other from your arms, either one of you will end up leaving. While it is an intense form of communicating one’s strong feelings towards the other person, if you find yourself using this hug more often than not, it’s important to communicate the vulnerabilities you may be feeling. That way, a better form of trust is built between the two of you.


7. The Flying Hug

This type of hug represents passion and lust. It occurs when one partner straddles the other person either while sitting down or “flying” in mid-air. If you and your partner haven’t known each other for that long, then the connection may be based more on the physical component in which you’re lusting after one another. It may be common in the initial stage of the relationship with the sparks and intensity of attraction.

Even if you and your partner don’t always see things eye-to-eye, if you find yourselves using the flying hug, then you allow the passion between you two to cope with those difficulties. While that sounds exciting and fulfilling with instant gratification, it’s important to remember that sparks aren’t enough alone to sustain a long-lasting relationship.


8. The London Bridge

The London bridge is a hug that occurs when two people hug each other with their upper bodies while keeping their lower part of themselves far apart. This establishes a lot of distance between two people. If you and your partner find that you’re hugging in this manner, then it may indicate a strong disagreement from a recent argument you had or just feeling uncomfortable in general with one another. Although the two of you are hugging, you might only be doing it to be polite, when in reality, you might not actually want anything to do with each other. Ask yourself if you and your partner have grown apart, and whether or not you two can continue to grow together anymore.


9. The Eye-to-Eye

The eye-to-eye hug is about two souls connecting with one another. This occurs when two people make intense eye contact with each other while they hug. If you and your partner use this hug, then it demonstrates a deep soul connection the two of you have established. It means you see each other for who you are and accept one another as a whole. It also indicates that the relationship you have with your partner is genuine.


10. The Rag Doll

The rag doll is a hug that indicates a one-way relationship, rather than a two-way street. It occurs when one person is hugging the other partner as tightly as possible while that partner is limp like a rag doll. This shows that one person is doing the majority of the work and cares more about the relationship than their partner. It demonstrates a lot of unbalance and an unhealthy relationship. For any relationship to work, two people must be committed towards keeping it alive. If you find that your partner is slipping away, and you’re afraid of losing them, please don’t hesitate to bring your concerns to their attention. Because at the end of the day, being loved in return is just as important as giving it.


Source : psych2go.net

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