10 Different Hugs That Say A Lot About Your Relationship

Body language reveals what we may not directly express. This is often the case in regards to the way we make eye contact, our standing posture, and how we choose to walk. But, what does body language say in the romance department from the way you and your partner hug each other? Although hugging is such a simple gesture of affection, it acts as a fundamental indication for our human need of touch. Psych2Go shares with you 10 different hugs that say a lot about your relationship:

1. The Protector

This type of hug suggests a sense of security being built. If your partner is the one from behind wrapping their arms around your waist, then it indicates their desire to provide stability for the two of you. Basically, it’s an endearing way of showing you that they want to take care of you.


2. The Backstroke

This hugging style indicates reassurance. The backstroke occurs when two people gently rub each other’s backs. If you and your partner hug in this manner, then it demonstrates that the both of you want to remind each other that you’re there for each other, through the good and bad. This hugging style is all about openness and vulnerability. This is because you can’t see your own back when you’re hugging, so when you’re being touched, it indicates a sense of trust being built.


3. The Pat

This is one of the more less intimate types of hugs. Giving someone a pat suggests friendship. There’s no real effort of demonstrating closeness or any real degree of romance. The pat is used to draw boundaries and let the other person know you only see them as a friend and nothing more. If you find your partner suddenly using this type of hug, then they may feel as though they have stopped growing with you in the relationship. Talk it out with them and let them know about your concerns to figure out what the next step entails.


4. The Slow Dance

This type of hug indicates romance. This is when one person wraps their arms around their partner’s waist, while their partner wraps their arms around their neck. It illustrates what a young high school couple would look like as they slow dance. Usually, people in the initial stage of the relationship choose to hug in this manner when the intensity of feelings and attraction are strong. However, if you find that you and your partner are still hugging like this many years down the road, then you’ve successfully found a way to allow the romance to live and grow!


5. The Reach Around

The reach around suggests a close friendship. It occurs when one individual puts one of their arms around the other person’s shoulder that demonstrates a half-hug. Although the term “half-hug” may be deemed as a weaker form of affection, this isn’t true in this circumstance. The reach around hug is often used when two people consider themselves partners in crime. Just like the pat, it doesn’t suggest romance, but the reach around is a demonstration of a strong friendship being established.

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